Seminar Package One

One-Day Patent and Product Development Basics Seminar

This seminar is intended for groups of aspiring inventors and product developers who have less than one year of experience and desire to learn the basics of the invention, patent and product development process.
Seminar Package Two

One-Day Advanced Patent and Product Development Seminar

This seminar is intended as a follow-on to Package One above or as a stand-alone Seminar for groups with experience in the basics of the patent process who are looking to develop multiple products and dedicate significant focus to developing advanced product development capabilities.
Seminar Package Three

One-Day Innovation Workshop

This seminar is an intensive workshop focused on the process of generating actionable, high-potential product ideas and designs. This is intended for individuals and groups who are dedicated inventors and product developers looking for new methods to generate product ideas. All Techniques described below are taught using live examples and workshop innovation live cases.

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