One Day Advanced Patent and Product Development Seminar



This seminar is intended as a follow-on to Package One above or as a stand-alone Seminar for groups with experience in the basics of the patent process who are looking to develop multiple products and dedicate significant focus to developing advanced product development capabilities.

Highlights of What you will Learn:

– Responding to Patent Office objections to your Patent Claims
– Product Design Strategies: Considerations for going from ideas and insights to marketable designs
– Strategies for Sourcing and Marketing
– Crowdfunding strategies and pitfalls
– International patents and product strategy
– Overview of advanced innovation and creativity Techniques
– Why most inventions fail and strategies for success: Case studies of failed products
– Inventing is easy, monetized inventions are very rare: Keys to giving yourself the best chance of success.

Up to 15 people at your facility. Customized location and group-size pricing available upon request.

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