There are many websites devoted to patents and the patent process, but finding resources that are truly reliable can be difficult. Here we've compiled a list of trustworthy resources to help you along the way.

Patent Process Resources

Resource Description
Patent File Example patents, Q&A forum, Patent Drafting Services
USPTO Public Pair Link to find whether a patent has been maintained
USPTO Patent Search USPTO Patent Search
Note: While no search site can be assumed to be fully secure, we do not recommend using search engines, especially Google, for searches using confidential information.
USPTO Resource Site USPTO resource site for inventors working without a lawyer
Patent Law NY Summary of the patent process and specific steps such as responding to office actions
Patent Law NY's Presentation: Responding to an Office Action Downloadable presentation describing specific strategies and approaches to responding to a patent office action
Stack Exchange Patents Discussion Patent Discussion Forum
Fees Relating to US Patent Applications Overview of the patent process and loose estimate of fees and fee-types (assuming a lawyer is used) associated with each step in the process
USPTO Patent Checklist Checklist for filing a non-provisional patent
Design Patent Application Guide USPTO Guide to Design Patent Applications
CIP Pros and Cons Pros and Cons of filing a Continuation In Part application to add material to an existing patent application

Patent and Product Commentary and Support

Resource Description
IP Watchdog Commentary on IP legal issues, great all-around knowledge base
IP Cork IP blog covering a wide range of IP legal Issues

Patent History and General Learning

Resource Description
PBS Thomas Edison Documentary Many very relevant lessons for modern inventors from likely the greatest inventor ever. It is hard to overstate the challenges Edison faced and the size of his accomplishments.
First-to-file Implications Discussion of the meaning of First-to-File for patent priority.
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