The Band Beast™
Resistance Band Anchor Platform

What is The Band Beast?

The Band Beast is the most flexible and rugged anchor platform for resistance band exercises available today. It lets you route your existing bands through its combination of hooks  or under the platform for a vast array of tension and positioning possibilities. It grows with you by allowing an unlimited combination of bands to be added to  it. The Band Beast creates the ability to adjust routing of your bands though a wide variety of hook positions to tailor the band positioning and resistance to  your needs. 


Why is The Band Beast your best choice for a Resistance Band Platform?

  • Solid metal construction means it can support everyone  from beginners to advanced Powerlifters. Compare to plastic platforms with limited hook  positions. You’ll never outgrow it and it will last a lifetime. It’s a Beast!
  • Great for combining weights and resistance  bands. Resistance band deadlifts as pictured are our favorite!
  • Accepts flat or round bands which slide into the  hooks or under the base in seconds. Combine your bands with many forms of bars and handles such as an EZ Curl bar, Olympic bar, a simple pipe, etc., or use bands only with no bar or handles.
  • Great for home gyms, office gyms, and mobile  workers. Made of commercial-grade materials. Fits in checked luggage for air travel.
  • The Bolt-on hooks can optionally be rotated or  moved to different pre-drilled holes for even greater flexibility by removing and re-tightening bolts.
  • Manufactured in the USA from USA-sourced materials.
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