About Us

Patent Mentors is a consortium of active inventors, product developers and related professionals who provide education and consulting services to help inventors and product developers:

  • Identify product opportunities;
  • Cost-effectively navigate the patent process;
  • Design and develop products;
  • Create business & marketing plans; and
  • Take product ideas to market.

Patent Mentors starts where the typical “Patent mills” end. In fact, we want inventors to be educated about avoiding to-good-to-be-true offers as well as outright scam artists. While many Invention Consultants offer value, inventors need to understand the landscape of potential services, and the potential benefits and pitfalls with each including, for example:

  • Patent attorneys;
  • Patent help kits;
  • Venture capital companies and other potential investors;
  • Invention marketing consultants; and
  • Patent drafting consultants.

At Patent Mentors, we not only provide consulting services to inventors, we help inventors become informed buyers of services. We know that applying for a patent is relatively easy, but bringing a profitable, successful product to market is rare and difficult. We focus on helping inventors become educated within the industry of your product/service, and become profitable inventors and product developers, not just someone who can claim to have a patent.

Successful inventors almost universally have a passion for inventing that transcends just a desire for near-term product success, and our focus is on helping inventors take that passion and develop it into a winner’s mindset with a knowledge of successful inventing and product development fundamentals.

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