Consulting Package One

Provisional Patent Market Assessment

This service is ideal for inventors who have already filed a provisional patent or who have a provisional patent drafted, and who need guidance to help determine whether pursuing the cost of a full (non-provisional) patent is in their best interest and how to pursue monetizing their invention.

Consulting Package Two

Patent Process, Search and Drafting Overview

This service is ideal for inventors  who are new to the patent process and who are considering drafting some or all of their initial patent application without legal assistance.  This is particularly valuable for inventors who have multiple inventions and for whom using full legal counsel on all of their patent applications would be prohibitively expensive.
Consulting Package Three

Patent Claims Protection Review

This service is ideal for inventors who have draft patent language and are looking for an independent, confidential third part to “stress test” the ability of the claims to reduce the chance of other competing patents being created due to weakness of claim wording.  We review the claims, drawings and relevant specification to make an independent assessment of the likelihood that a competing product or patent could easily be devised that would “design around the proposed patent wording.

Consulting Package Four

Product Development Plan Review and Recommendations

This service is ideal for inventors and product developers who are new to the process of inventing, designing, sourcing and marketing products.

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