Patent Claims Protection Review



This service is ideal for inventors who have draft patent language and are looking for an independent, confidential third part to “stress test” the ability of the claims to reduce the chance of other competing patents being created due to weakness of claim wording. We review the claims, drawings and relevant specification to make an independent assessment of the likelihood that a competing product or patent could easily be devised that would “design around the proposed patent wording.

Note: This service requires that we have access to the details of your invention

What we will do and what you will get:

– We will review a draft of your claims, drawings and specifications and attempt to design around your claims in order to give you ideas for where to strengthen and expand your claims, and also to assess the viability of your patent
– We will conduct an initial market review to assess the likely potential for your patent claims to be developed into a successful product
– Provide a direct coaching session of approximately 90 minutes to walk-through our findings and recommendations in detail with you

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